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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life Speaks: Bear Sighting #3 - South Africa

My knitted bear "Mother Bear" in arms of a child in South Africa

As I sit here tonight listening to the beautiful "Meditations: Native American Flute CD" by John August - a lovely birthday present-  I was guided to the Mother Bear Project photo gallery.  Again, Intuition lead me to what my spirit was seeking (or..shall I say It lead me to ”…what was seeking me”, which was  the South Africa photo gallery.  A few pages in, I spotted another one of my bears! I tell you, Intuition always steers me where I need to go.  Above is bear sighting #3… and the precious, innocent little boy who’s now the guardian of and companion to the bear.  I just want to hug him… comfort him…and tell him I love him, and then.. I’m reminded, that each bear we give… does just that.  Ahh… I’m satisfied.  Bountiful blessings, reside here, there... everywhere.

I must keep making Mother Bears. I now know… with sufficient rest, exercise etc for my hands, etc. and care from my health care practitioners - I’ll be as good as new… and able to make more bears as a nice cadence.   The whole experience and the bear sightings has sharpened and deepened my Calling to make the bears and my continued involvement with the Mother Bear Project.  Life, speaks.  I listen.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's a Small World After All: Bear #2 in Namibia

Don't you just love his smile!  And look how handsome he is...he has a handsome, fun, sensitive spirit... I can just feel it!  And, he's dressed like the young gentleman that he is...very collegiate! And accompanying him is a bear that I made for the Mother Bear Project.  It's times like this, when the Mother Bear Project demonstrates that indeed "It's a small world after all."  From my heart to his, with infinite gratitude to the Creator.  Bountiful blessings to you dear, dear young boy.

Click this link, and you'll see my photo of the bear he's holding; the 2nd row on the right.

Thank you, Amy Berman, (founder of the Mother Bear Project) - for creating a sacred channel in which so many can be a blessing to so many others...and in turn, we are blessed.  My over-flowing.

For information about the Mother Bear Project, see the "Links" list on the right.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Taking Care While Crafting

After starting my first crocheted bear a few days ago... I had a rude awakening: to not crochet for long periods of time; 5-10 minute segments at most, with attention to proper ergonomics is probably best for me. This is due to symptoms of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) which caught me by surprise.  Odd thing is, I'd not noticed these symptoms while knitting, although in retrospect they were probably "there all along... (Dorothy)!" - just subtle.  So it's a good thing.  Now I can take care of myself and prevent things from escalating.*

What to do?  Thankfully, My Daily Yoga has animated stretches and tips on their website, which are specific to RSI prevention and relief....and apply to any repetitive motion i.e. computer work, vacuuming, opening doors -- heck, there are a lot of repetitive motions in life!

A craft glove was also recommended.  It's supposed to keep us ergonomically correct while crafting.

The additional good news is... it'll get me up and about more frequently, every 30 minutes is recommended...which is good for our overall health, anyway.  I just have to remember to set my timer at home and at work before beginning.   And now, bear-making becomes the garnish as opposed to the main course of my creativity "jones".

*Update, 7/17:  My osteopath treated me w/accupunture and cranio-sacral therapy...said to give it about three days to let the new neuro-pathways integrate... then  it's OK to crochet (and knit)  again, resting as needed; he also said my symptoms were not caused by RSI. That's encouraging!  I'll still do the exercises at the above link - they seem like they're good to do... no matter what.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1st Teddy Bear Sighting... in Namibia!

Now this is when everything comes full circle, and oh what a moment it is.  The teddy bear this little girl is one that I made! - (shown in previous post below).  From my knitting needles, and from my lap... into the hands and life of this girl...on the other side of the planet, in Namibia.  Wow.  I am still integrating the magnitude of this, and it's with indescribable gratitude and awareness of my blessings that I give thanks... that I am - along with countless others - a blessing to others.  I believe we receive blessings so we can be a blessing, whatever shape that takes.  No blessing is to small or too large!  

So now, I continue with my 2012 teddy bear-making project, which I've named:  "Mother Bear Love 2012".  Currently I'm completing my 3rd knitted bear, and soon will create my first crocheted bears!  I'll post as often as I can.  Usually I knit-up a batch then do finishing touches on that batch, which includes: sewing, stuffing, shaping, embroidering the face, etc.

My goal for 2012 is 11 bears, so... three down, eight to go!   Seeing the above photo and knowing the impact this Project has, and being connected with other Mother Bear Project bear-makers...makes me want to create that much more!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Knitted Teddy Bears 2011: Mother Bear Project

The most recent happy bunch of teddy bears for the Mother Bear Project!  These cute, happy-hearted bears are eager to meet and befriend their child-companions who benefit from the MBP.

The children who receive bears from the Mother Bear Project range from toddler to teenager.  To see the faces of the children, click here. 

Of course, there would be not bears if it weren't forget the hundreds (if not thousands) of volunteers (ages 6-99) worldwide who knit and crochet the teddy bears.. just take a look here!

For information on how to help: from Sponsoring a Bear for $10, to making bears (or learning how...) to donating services or volunteering, etc. please see the this link for details.

Thank you for your continued interest, enthusiasm and support!