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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Taking Care While Crafting

After starting my first crocheted bear a few days ago... I had a rude awakening: to not crochet for long periods of time; 5-10 minute segments at most, with attention to proper ergonomics is probably best for me. This is due to symptoms of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) which caught me by surprise.  Odd thing is, I'd not noticed these symptoms while knitting, although in retrospect they were probably "there all along... (Dorothy)!" - just subtle.  So it's a good thing.  Now I can take care of myself and prevent things from escalating.*

What to do?  Thankfully, My Daily Yoga has animated stretches and tips on their website, which are specific to RSI prevention and relief....and apply to any repetitive motion i.e. computer work, vacuuming, opening doors -- heck, there are a lot of repetitive motions in life!

A craft glove was also recommended.  It's supposed to keep us ergonomically correct while crafting.

The additional good news is... it'll get me up and about more frequently, every 30 minutes is recommended...which is good for our overall health, anyway.  I just have to remember to set my timer at home and at work before beginning.   And now, bear-making becomes the garnish as opposed to the main course of my creativity "jones".

*Update, 7/17:  My osteopath treated me w/accupunture and cranio-sacral therapy...said to give it about three days to let the new neuro-pathways integrate... then  it's OK to crochet (and knit)  again, resting as needed; he also said my symptoms were not caused by RSI. That's encouraging!  I'll still do the exercises at the above link - they seem like they're good to do... no matter what.


  1. excellent post, Cheryl! Excellent blog too! good for you for jumping back in and sharing your creativity and all that you love!

  2. Dear Cheryl,

    Kai san notera! The Greek Blessing that you continue your spiritual crocheting.

    Blessings, Jean