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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life Speaks: Bear Sighting #3 - South Africa

My knitted bear "Mother Bear" in arms of a child in South Africa

As I sit here tonight listening to the beautiful "Meditations: Native American Flute CD" by John August - a lovely birthday present-  I was guided to the Mother Bear Project photo gallery.  Again, Intuition lead me to what my spirit was seeking (or..shall I say It lead me to ”…what was seeking me”, which was  the South Africa photo gallery.  A few pages in, I spotted another one of my bears! I tell you, Intuition always steers me where I need to go.  Above is bear sighting #3… and the precious, innocent little boy who’s now the guardian of and companion to the bear.  I just want to hug him… comfort him…and tell him I love him, and then.. I’m reminded, that each bear we give… does just that.  Ahh… I’m satisfied.  Bountiful blessings, reside here, there... everywhere.

I must keep making Mother Bears. I now know… with sufficient rest, exercise etc for my hands, etc. and care from my health care practitioners - I’ll be as good as new… and able to make more bears as a nice cadence.   The whole experience and the bear sightings has sharpened and deepened my Calling to make the bears and my continued involvement with the Mother Bear Project.  Life, speaks.  I listen.


  1. Cheryl's heart is as big as the world!!!!


  2. God and Gaia blessing you.

    Pat W.

  3. Yep, I "hear" you - sometimes the "speaking" is momentarily deafening, keep up the good works! I posted this to FaceBook, that photo is priceless and should be seen -- Love, Billy

  4. oh Cheryl what a fantastic project! I love reading about the work you are doing, seeing your sweet bears and the even sweeter children hugging them! Perhaps this winter I will learn to crochet a bear, infused with an intention of pure love. Thank you so much about guiding me here to your new blog so I could learn about this amazing endeavor!